R-B teaches good sportsmanship and the fundamentals of hitting, bunting, fielding, and stealing, while building a positive self-image in a healthy competitive environment.

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Player Evaluation Process

Each season, RB conducts player evaluation sessions for players who qualify to play in our "competitive" divisions based on their age (Single A, Double A, Triple A and Major A). Our primary goal in conducting these sessions is to try to assess each player's level of development in several key baseball skill areas, including:
  • Throwing arm strength
  • Throwing arm accuracy
  • Pitching 
  • Fielding technique
  • Batting technique
  • Running speed
During these sessions, which are conducted indoors to avoid unfavorable weather conditions, players are given the opportunity to field batted balls, make throws to a base, take some swings, and run around a simulated baseball diamond while being timed. A panel of evaluators, which typically consists of members of RB's Board of Directors and coaches from the Major A Division, independently score each player based on the player's performance in each skill area. These scores are used in two ways:
  • The Player Agent Committee uses the scores to create teams in the Single A, Double A and Triple A Divisions. The scores are used to build teams that have evenly distributed levels of talent in order to promote as much parity as possible. Our goal here is to "make the teams fair" to the best of our ability so that every child will have the opportunity to play on a team that has a chance to compete in its division. 
  • Each Major A coach's scores are made available to him or her during that division's draft. The Major A Division is the only RB division where coaches individually select their teams' players. Coaches typically have a good idea of the talent level of the players entering the Major A draft, since most of these players have participated in the RB program for several years. For new players, or for players who are not familiar to the Major A coaches, the evaluation scores provide a tool to help assess talent levels. In this way, players have the best chance of being assigned to a division where they will have the opportunity to succeed and to enjoy their playing experience.
The evaluation sessions are rigidly scheduled by the league's Player Agent to ensure the most efficient process possible. If your child is age 9 or older, he or she will need to be evaluated for placement. The Player Agent will contact you directly to schedule your child's evaluation.

If you have questions about the evaluation process, please contact us at  .