R-B teaches good sportsmanship and the fundamentals of hitting, bunting, fielding, and stealing, while building a positive self-image in a healthy competitive environment.

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The Constentino School (685 Washington St.)

Please arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than your child's evaluation time (RB Board members will be set up just outside the gym in order to sign you in).

Please have your child bring their baseball glove (if possible) and please be sure they take it home!


The 3/10 evaluations have been postponed until Sunday, March 18th!


Evaluation Date Evaluation Time Last Name First Name
 "Saturday March 3rd" 11.00 Alleva Joseph
 "Saturday March 3rd" 10.00 Artemis Jr Stephen
 "Saturday March 3rd" 12.20 Baril Jacoby
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.40 Bednarek Joe
 "Saturday March 3rd" 10.10 Benedict Chase
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.35 Bilo Jason
 "Saturday March 3rd" 10.30 Blais Hunter
 "Saturday March 3rd" 10.20 Bouraphael Elie
 "Saturday March 3rd" 12.30 Britton Alex
 "Saturday March 3rd" 11.00 Caruso Sammy
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.15 Cassell James
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.40 Collins Jacob
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.45 Cruz Marcos
 "Saturday March 3rd" 11.50 Curry Carter
 "Saturday March 3rd" 12.00 Curry Colin
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.05 DaSilva Nathan
 "Saturday March 3rd" 12.30 De Leon Logan
 "Saturday March 3rd" 11.50 DeJesus Jathian
 "Saturday March 3rd" 10.10 Doody Brendan
 "Saturday March 3rd" 10.00 Doody Kiernan
 "Saturday March 3rd" 9.40 Dupre' Aiden
 "Saturday March 3rd" 10.50 Dyer Luke
 "Saturday March 3rd" 12.00 Farrell James
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.35 Faulkner Riley
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.15 Florence Joshua
 "Saturday March 3rd" 11.10 Franz Cameron
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.10 Fulks Owen
 "Saturday March 3rd" 11.40 Galvin Billy
 "Saturday March 3rd" 9.00 Giangregorio Anthony
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.20 Gillogly Declan
 "Saturday March 3rd" 11.20 Ginolfi Christian
 "Saturday March 3rd" 9.30 Gomes Alex
 "Saturday March 3rd" 9.50 Grant Tucker
 "Saturday March 3rd" 9.10 Grillo Peter
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.30 Gutierrez Yonali
 "Saturday March 3rd" 12.50 Halloran William
 "Saturday March 3rd" 10.40 Harvey Asa
 "Saturday March 3rd" 10.30 Harvey Lucas
 "Saturday March 3rd" 9.20 Jackson Jayce
 "Saturday March 3rd" 9.10 Jackson Tristan
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.25 Kalil Jacob
 "Saturday March 3rd" 11.40 Kelleher Jack
 "Saturday March 3rd" 12.50 Kowalski Evan
 "Saturday March 3rd" 12.40 Kowalski Jake
 "Saturday March 3rd" 11.30 Landry Brayden
 "Saturday March 3rd" 11.20 Lazala Albert
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.10 Libucha Jack
 "Saturday March 3rd" 10.20 Lovejoy Tyler
 "Saturday March 3rd" 9.05 Lundy Scott
 "Saturday March 3rd" 11.30 Madensky Reno
 "Saturday March 3rd" 10.50 McCarthy Hunter
 "Saturday March 3rd" 12.20 Molten Cash
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.25 Nacy Connor
 "Saturday March 3rd" 11.10 Oosting Jude
 "Saturday March 3rd" 9.20 Papageorgiou John
 "Saturday March 3rd" 12.40 Parsons Cayden
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.20 Penney Joel
 "Saturday March 3rd" 9.40 Pinet Aiden
 "Saturday March 3rd" 9.05 Piraino Brandon
 "Saturday March 3rd" 9.30 Robertson Myles
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.30 Roeger Rocco
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.00 Sandoval Alexander
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.00 Silva Ben
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.05 Silva Brandon
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.45 Smith Braedon
 "Saturday March 3rd" 1.50 Smith Colby
 "Saturday March 3rd" 9.00 Tzortzis Nick
 "Saturday March 10th" 12.30 Abrams Levi
 "Saturday March 10th" 10.30 Acevedo - Torres Damitri
 "Saturday March 10th" 10.40 Acevedo - Torres Rosalynn
 "Saturday March 10th" 11.40 Ambrose Stephen
 "Saturday March 10th" 1.15 Annaloro Cody
 "Saturday March 10th" 9.00 Baker Jack
 "Saturday March 10th" 9.10 Baker Matthew
 "Saturday March 10th" 1.05 Barbrick Mila
 "Saturday March 10th" 1.10 Bateman Colin
 "Saturday March 10th" 1.15 Bateman Ryan
 "Saturday March 10th" 1.40 Bergeron Brady
 "Saturday March 10th" 1.35 Bergeron Ryan
 "Saturday March 10th" 9.40 Berube Aaron
 "Saturday March 10th" 1.25 Bonfiglio Cameron
 "Saturday March 10th" 12.50 Bowler Colin
 "Saturday March 10th" 1.10 Boyer Max
 "Saturday March 10th" 11.00 Brown Dylan
 "Saturday March 10th" 10.10 Brown Kyle
 "Saturday March 10th" 10.00 Brown Nathan
 "Saturday March 10th" 12.20 Burke Kaden
 "Saturday March 10th" 10.10 Castro Izaiah
 "Saturday March 10th" 1.20 Domoracki Alejandro
 "Saturday March 10th" 9.20 Donoghue Jacob
 "Saturday March 10th" 1.25 Duchemin Andrew
 "Saturday March 10th" 9.30 Dunkley Caden
 "Saturday March 10th" 1.05 Ferreira Oliver
 "Saturday March 10th" 12.30 Ford Jackson
 "Saturday March 10th" 11.20 Garcia Ryan
 "Saturday March 10th" 11.50 Genna Tyler
 "Saturday March 10th" 1.00 Gentile Michael
 "Saturday March 10th" 1.30 Greenler Breckin
 "Saturday March 10th" 12.50 Harrington Joshua
 "Saturday March 10th" 12.40 Harrington Nathan
 "Saturday March 10th" 10.00 Hatin Logann
 "Saturday March 10th" 9.50 Heisler Liam
 "Saturday March 10th" 9.00 Howes Joseph
 "Saturday March 10th" 9.20 Hurrell Zachary
 "Saturday March 10th" 11.20 Jalbert Ethan
 "Saturday March 10th" 10.50 Janco Elijah
 "Saturday March 10th" 11.50 Janes Will
 "Saturday March 10th" 9.50 Kelly Jack
 "Saturday March 10th" 12.20 Klinger Matthew
 "Saturday March 10th" 1.35 LeBlanc Aaden
 "Saturday March 10th" 1.20 Legault Camden
 "Saturday March 10th" 12.40 Linnell IV Lawrence
 "Saturday March 10th" 12.00 Magalhaes Lucas
 "Saturday March 10th" 11.40 McComiskey George
 "Saturday March 10th" 10.50 Melvin Brodie
 "Saturday March 10th" 11.30 Ortega Bryan
 "Saturday March 10th" 10.20 Pagliuca Cole
 "Saturday March 10th" 11.10 Perez Rufino
 "Saturday March 10th" 11.30 Rosario-Nova Noah
 "Saturday March 10th" 10.30 Ryan Luke
 "Saturday March 10th" 1.30 Sandlin Liam
 "Saturday March 10th" 11.00 Sansone Lucio
 "Saturday March 10th" 10.20 Schraffa Nicholas
 "Saturday March 10th" 9.40 Shea Paul
 "Saturday March 10th" 1.00 Souza Logan
 "Saturday March 10th" 9.10 St. Hilaire Max
 "Saturday March 10th" 10.40 Sullivan Daniel
 "Saturday March 10th" 11.10 Terilli Nicholas
 "Saturday March 10th" 9.30 Wagner Evan