R-B teaches good sportsmanship and the fundamentals of hitting, bunting, fielding, and stealing, while building a positive self-image in a healthy competitive environment.

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RB's Fundraising Activities

Did you know that it costs over $100 per player for RB to run our baseball program? There are many costs associated with the administration of a program like ours, including:

  • Uniforms and equipment

  • Field usage fees

  • Pre-season team clinics/cage rentals

  • Coaches training, e.g., Cal Ripken certification

  • Umpires

  • Insurance

  • Trophies and awards

  • End of season pizza parties

  • And much more!

In order to help defray these expenses while seeking to keep registration fees low, Riverside-Bradford sponsors league fundraising programs each season. These fundraising programs are an essential element to maintaining the quality of RB's baseball program. Every player and every team is expected to participate in the league's fundraising efforts. Participating in these programs is obviously important to the league, but we feel that it also encourages team building and a sense of "giving back to the program". We strongly urge our players, coaches and parents/guardians to make every effort to meet (or even better, exceed) their fundraising commitments each and every season.

Your support of the Riverside-Bradford Baseball program is very much appreciated.